Friday, February 11, 2005

Prosecutors Investigate Pushkin 'Pornography'

He is the all-time giant of Russian literature, who shaped the literary heritage of the world’s biggest country.

But now Alexander Pushkin’s legacy is in danger of being tainted by an argument over whether some of his early work is pornographic, and whether his ‘adult verses’ even came from the pen of the ‘National Poet’.

Reported in The Moscow Times

Pushkin's mother is believed to have been a descendent of Abraham Petrovich Hannibal. Was he from Ethiopia or Cameroon?

Here's a short history on Pushkin's Ethiopian great-grandfather :

Abraham Petrovich Hannibal was born in Lagano, Ethiopia in 1697, the son of the reigning prince. At the age of eight he was captured and taken to Turkey, where he was once again kidnapped and taken to Moscow. He was given to the Czar, Peter the Great. Peter grew fond of him because of his intelligence. For ten years Hannibal went everywhere with Peter.
Source: www.ipoaa.com

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Lana said...

I am looking for any artifacts in Ethiopia regarding Pushkin or Hannibal. Any museums, monuments, graphic materials. Will appreciate any help with this.
Thank you.