Sunday, February 13, 2005

Eritrea Demands Return of Artefacts from Ethiopia

Eritrea is to demand the return from Ethiopia of hundreds of archeological artefacts taken from ancient sites in the 1960s, an official said on Thursday, threatening a new row between the feuding Horn of Africa neighbours.

In addition, Asmara will petition Italy for the return of objects it says were taken by Italian nationals before Eritrea -- an Italian colony and then British protectorate annexed by Ethiopia in 1962 -- won independence in 1993.

"Today, just as Ethiopia asks Italy to hand back the Axum stele, we ask the Ethiopians to hand back the objects found in Matara which are currently in Addis Ababa," said National Museum chief Lebsekal Yosief.

Reported by Mail & Guardian.

Hawulti - rainy seasonThere have been excavations in Matara. TAKE a look at one of the cosmopolitan centers from the ancient trading world. There's an extensive history lesson here on Adulis, Matara, and Axum.

Photo courtesy: Skip Dahlgren

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