Sunday, November 05, 2006

Teddy Afro Arrested, Released on Bail


Ethiopian Review -- Police arrested popular singer Teddy Afro on Friday in Addis Ababa accusing him of hitting some body with his car and running away from the scene of the accident. By the time he appeared in court the next day, the police could not find any body who was hit, according to family sources. The judge released Teddy on bail until the police can complete their investigation.

Reportedly, while Teddy was driving in Addis Ababa on Thursday, a car jumped in front of him. He swerved to avoid accident and ran into a pile of dirt and stones, damaging his car. The area where the incident occurred was a construction site. Teddy then called his friends while waiting inside his car. A few minutes later, his friends arrived and took him home. The next day, the police went to his house and arrested him for hit-and-run.

The facts surrounding the incident are fueling speculations that there seems to be a foul play by the police.

Teddy is one of the most hated musicians by the Meles regime. Meles and his TPLF cadres had attempted to silence him in the past through various intimidation tactics. Last January, they forced him to cancel his concert at the Addis Ababa Sheraton.

Teddy's arrest last Friday almost caused a riot in Addis Ababa as thousands of his supporters started to gather around the police station (Kerchele) where he was detained. The police gave assurances to the crowed that Teddy will not be harmed, but most stayed over night until he went to the court in the morning.

Teddy is asked to appear in court next week.

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Sad story: Teddy’s negligent driving has led to his arrest over charges of murder. For details, follow this link: http://www.meetalamoudi.com/2008/04/teddy-afro-arrested-on-charges-of-murder/