Thursday, December 08, 2005

Channel4: The Hideous Personality Behind the Name "Meles Zenawi"

Ethiomedia - Channel4 News has aired yet another special report covering the disturbing political crisis in Ethiopia and the mentality of the evil dictator who has masterminded the turmoil and the worst political crisis that has ever been seen before, even in Africa. The report and its online video clip is a must-see for Ethiopians at home and abroad who have been struggling to get rid of the evil dictator.

It is a clip that true friends of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the west such as Christopher Clapham and Donald Levine – not friends of the despot such as Jeferry Sachs and Joseph Stiglitiz – must see. It is a report that has exposed, yet again, all the messengers of evil that still attempt, at the dying minutes of the Ethiopian despot and his rotten regime, to paint the Mafia a rosy picture – the Aigas, the Waltas, the Paul Henzies and the Kassahun Ayeles.

The Channel4 News special report has included interviews with the criminal dictator himself who still claims to be a PM; the incarcerated, most respected and celebrated leaders of the opposition who were chosen by the Ethiopian people at the May 2005 election to lead the country; the honourable EU resrep in Addis Ababa, Mr Tim Clark; and youths who have recently been released from the indiscriminate mass detention in the notorious Dedesa military training camp where it is reported that over 43, 000 youths are still in detention facing inhumane treatment with, in the words of western diplomats in Addis, complete blackout on information on what is going on at the military training camp, with eyewitness accounts of massacre and mass graves of youths who had been indiscriminately and forcefully bundled into lorries over a month ago, some of whom were crying “please save us” to the few shocked onlookers and western journalists that happened to be covering the outrageous event at the time.

The unprecedented level of human right abuse, even by the appalling Ethiopian standards, that followed the May 2005 election is now worrying to the core the wider international community, including those that had been nourishing the devil unknowingly or otherwise, who are in a state of shock at finding out the true identity of the devil they had been dealing with; the devil that they had mistaken for the “beacon of hope for Africa”. The international community has found out, albeit very very lately, that what they had thought to be a progressive leader is a hideous and deceptive personality who is proving to be the worst of dictators Africa has seen leading, single handed-ly, the proud Sub Saharan African nation of over 75 million people into complete anarchy and a possible all out genocide.

The reason I am writing this short piece is to comment on the disturbing statements the self-declared, irresponsible and criminal ‘PM’ of Ethiopia has made to the Channel4 News reporter. In his yet anther shocking response, where the megalomaniac dictator himself appeared to be in a state of confusion and despair, the despot has the following to say in response to the question regarding the danger of losing the huge amount of western aid Ethiopia has come to be dependent on under the “progressive” leadership of the minority group.

“…we feel that we deserve to be supported by our friends. If they feel otherwise, we respect their decision. After all, it is their money.”

That is what the evil man with clear delusion of grandeur has to say deciding, just like that, on the fate of tens of millions of Ethiopians that his nearly fifteen years of misrule has made so dependent on foreign aid. Is this what a sane individual, leave alone someone claiming to be governing a nation, has to say? MZ knows that he has amassed enough of the countries meagre resource through his, his families’ and cronies’ companies that are the only economic powerhouse in the country. He knows very well that it is the unfortunate but majority poor who will suffer as a result of his delusion and unending selfish desire to cling to power having abused power in an unprecedented way for a decade and half.

On the incarcerated opposition leaders, the evil dictator has said to the Channel4 News reporter the following;

“…we have tons of evidence – video, audio and individual witnesses, more than 70 witnesses – that they (the opposition leaders) were planning insurrection …”

Not just Ethiopians but even foreign observes are now well aware of how deceptive the minority leadership is. Everyone now knows that the TPLF mafia has been concocting false charges that would be staged in a kangaroo court managed, behind the scene, by the head of the mafia and his ethnic judges, which is meant to serve the criminal group abusing Ethiopia. The crooked dictator abusing Ethiopia and its elected leaders should know better; although I very much question his sanity. Even the extreme outcome of killing the most respected of Ethiopian figures on false charges of treason is not going to serve any purpose regarding extending the life of his rotten regime. He and his cronies should know better that they will be pulled out like a rotten tooth sooner or later. As for the tons of video and audio evidence the despot claims to have, we have known a long while ago that the head of the mafia has professional video and audio experts, with a very rich experience of recording un-recordable dramas of their own making including the Hawzen massacre that they orchestrated but later had to blame the Derg for it.

Ethiopians abroad have the special responsibility of presenting to concerned international bodies and friends of Ethiopia the disturbing eyewitness accounts of the ongoing massacre at the notorious Dedesa military camp and the video clip that attests to the same. It is deeply disquieting to find out that over 43,000 youths are forcefully amassed in an inhospitable condition being summarily executed, tortured, beaten and made handicapped for life by the deliberate and vindictive actions of the ethnic security forces of the rejected megalomania. The extreme repugnance that the evil dictator has towards his people is so much so that he quite often mistakes all his opponents for Amharans, thereby ordering the summary bundling up of even his own supporters to the notorious camp. It seems that the mafia group has totally lost its sanity to the extent of forgetting that some 20 percent of the population had voted for it in the last ‘election’ in May 2005. Some of the eyewitness accounts covered by the special report of the Channel4 News included supporters of the despot that were detained in Dedesa but were letter released with the intervention of “senior officials” of the mafia. The despot, as he made it clear time and time again, has the direct control of the command of the ethnic army and security forces. It is his crooked mentality and unjust order that is leaving many youths to die and face lasting handicap at the hands of the brutal ethnic security forces at the military training camp. The despot even gave the Channel4 News reporter his usual false assurance that he could go and visit the camp if he wanted. The courageous reporter did travel to the camp only to be told that he was not welcomed to witness the crimes of the worst despot in Ethiopia at the remote military training camp.

These are sad and the lowest of times that Ethiopia has gotten to. Every one of us, including genuine friends of Ethiopia, has to do our best to expose and struggle against the despot and his one man abuse of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians!

The writer, Girum Getinet, can be reached for comments at Girum_getinet@yahoo.com

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