Monday, December 12, 2005

Meles' Propaganda Will Not Break Ethiopians Determination for Democracy

Redeem Ethiopia reported on a “propaganda” website called “Himbasha Commentary,” which they believe is an online outlet for EPRDF...

Add to this list, ENA or The Ethiopian Herald, which followed suit and reported the following via allAfrica:

Nationals in U.S. Discuss Current Affairs

Members of the Ethiopian community in Washington D.C held discussions on problems occurred in connection with the third national election and measures taken to resolve related problems.

In a release it sent to ENA yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the meeting held recently was organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S., Kassahun Ayele, briefed participants on the problems that occurred following the May 15, 2005 national elections and measures taken to resolve the problems, the Embassy said.

The violence instigated by the opposition political parties was aimed at creating conflict among people, Ambassador Kassahun said, however, it was foiled by the joint efforts of the people and the government.

The Ethiopian government is committed to the realization of democratic system, he added.

After the violence erupted in Addis Ababa was put under control, opposition political parties and their supporters were engaged in disseminating false propaganda aimed at dragging the country into havoc, he said.

As the public were aware of the fact, all the propagandas failed, he added.

Participants of the meeting forwarded various constructive ideas and comments, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Jews residing in Israel welcomed parliament's decision for the establishment of an independent inquiry commission responsible to investigate property damages and loss of human lives caused by the recent violence in the metropolis and other towns.

They also pledged to expand their participation in trade, investment and other sectors in Ethiopia.

In a statement it sent to ENA Thursday, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs after discussing the prevailing situation in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Jews called upon political parties to move on peaceful track as the flourishing democratic system in the country is the only way to resolve political differences peacefully.

The campaign by conservative leaders of opposition political parties and their supporters, who reside abroad, for the suspension of foreign aid and loan to Ethiopia, is unexpected from real Ethiopians, particularly at a time when Ethiopians are exerting utmost efforts to develop their nation, they said.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel and other senior diplomats of the Ethiopian Embassy briefed participants on the measures being taken by the government to resolve problems that surfaced regarding the May 15, 2005 national elections through legal and democratic means.

The Ethiopian Jews on their part expressed commitment to strenthen their participation in investment, trade and other sectors in their native land, the statement said.

They also expressed their admiration for the development achievements over the last 14 years, and pledged to provide their support for the realization of the five year development plan designed by the government.

Similarly, natives of Tigray in Seattle and its environs in the United States pledged to strive hard to foil the false propaganda of anti-peace elements from getting acceptance by the American Congress.

They called on each compatriot to struggle against the moves of these anti-peace and anti-democratic forces.

In a meeting they held recently, the nationals vowed to contribute their share in the fight against anti-peace elements.

They expressed deep sadness over the loss of human lives and property damage caused by the riot triggered by anti-peace forces.

The evil mission of anti-peace forces at home and abroad brings nothing except segregating the country and its people, the participants said.

The call for social isolation against members and supporters of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is an ill act bent on disrupting socio-economic lives of the people.

They said Ethiopians would fight fervently those forces determined to mar the prevailing peace, democracy and good governance in the country.


Ethiopians in Washington, DC denounce sweeping human rights violations in their native home country, November 2005. (photo courtesy: Ethiomedia)

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