Friday, June 03, 2005

New Wave of Government Threat Sends 8 Editors to Prison

ADDIS ABABA - Eight editors of some of the leading newspapers in the Ethiopian capital have been thrown into jail following a new wave of government crackdown on members of the independent press, a journalists watchdog announced on Thursday.

The Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association (EFJA) called on the Ethiopian people and press freedom watchdogs around the world to pay attention to the plight of journalists in the country, circulated a list of journalists imprisoned on June 2.

1. Zelalem Gebre, Editor in-Chief of Menilik newspaper
2. Serkalem Fassil, Deputy Editor in-Chief of Menilik newspaper
3. Abiye Gizaw, Editor in-Chief of Netsanet news paper
4. Dereje Habtewold, Deputy Editor in-Chief of Netsanet newspaper
5. Mesfin Tesfaye Editor in-Chief of Abay newspaper
6. Fekadu Indrias, Deputy Editor in-Chief of Abaynewspaper
7. Fassil Yenalem Editor in-Chief of Addis Zena newspaper
8. Simret G/Mariam, Deputy Editor in-Chief of Addis Zena newspaper.

"We call on all the Ethiopian people, International press institutions of which EFJA is member and International friends of the free press to closely follow the great danger hovering over the free press and the measures that could be taken to challenge its very existence," EFJA said in its report.

"The Ethiopian Free press Journalists' Association (EFJA) calls on all its members should without being disturbed by undemocratic measures and threats continue to fulfill their obligation of informing and enlightening the public in accordance with the law and being governed by their professional Code of Ethics."


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