Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Reasons to Love Ethiopia

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It isn't exactly as accessible as Hilton Head Island, or even the Masai Mara for that matter, but Ethiopia deserves travelers' attention.

One caveat: If you rarely venture beyond the Marriot, then this may not be too appealing to you. That being said, those who privilege comfort over experience will be missing out..

The thing is, Ethiopia is unlike anywhere else on earth. Get past the headlines about Brad and Angelina adopting Ethiopian orphans and you have a country of endless mountains, an insane number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a fascinating offshoot of the Christian church. Layer on that some of the world's best coffee and a people who love nothing more than talking religion and politics and you have a brew for an incredible journey:

#1 Lalibela: Let's start with the big hitters. Within the small town of Lalibela lies 13 churches cut by hand from the mountain, said to be an attempt to replicate Jerusalem by 13th Century King Lalibella. To avoid overdosing on adjectives, I'll leave it to the voice of Portuguese priest Francisco Alvares in the 1520s "I weary of writing more about these buildings, because it seems to me that I shall not be believed if I write more ... I swear by God, in Whose power I am, that all I have written is the truth". click here for more

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