Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rebtel provides lowest rate for calls to Ethiopia

Swedish based international call firm Rebtel have been making a splash in the area of international calls for quite some time now and once again, the company have posted outstanding results from the US, based on their share of the number of people in the US who call Ethiopia on a regular basis.

Since Rebtel lowered rates to Ethiopia by a staggering 20 per cent in December 2009 and then followed this reduction with a further rate cut of 6% in February 2010, Rebtel has reported an increase in traffic to the African nation of 100% since.

Currently, if you are looking to call Ethiopia via the Rebtel service from the United States then you can pay as little as USD 0.205 per minute via a landline and USD 0.225 per minute on a mobile device. These are amongst the cheapest rates available currently in the US, or indeed anywhere else in the world.

Rebtel’s operational controller, Mikael Rosengren revealed that the Ethiopian call market is one of the company’s ten largest corridors in terms of revenue and that 90% of Rebtel’s call traffic to Ethiopia, originates from Ethiopians now residing or studying in the United States.

The research also threw up some other interesting findings with most of the traffic to the country originating in the five states of California, Virginia, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota. The average call duration is around eight minutes and it seems Ethiopians prefer to call home on a Saturday!

It certainly seems that Rebtel is gaining quite a positive reputation across the whole country but particularly in the states of California, Virginia and Maryland as similar findings have been discovered in research conducted by Rebtel for several African countries, including Ghana, Ivory Coast and Kenya.

Indeed with such growth in its Ethiopian call base, Rebtel may well be looking for substantial further growth in this area next year. The company has ambitious plans to tap into the market of those who call Ethiopia in Europe and beyond. In addition, further research has shown that 95% of Rebtel customers would happily advise their friends and family to use the Rebtel service for international calling.

In addition, another study revealed that large numbers of Rebtel users felt that the company not only offered the best value call packages, ease of use and call quality, but that they were the fairest and most transparent operator. Over 75 per cent of respondents on several recent surveys complained that when they had called African countries using other company’s calling cards, they had received far fewer minutes than they had paid for.

Against this current climate of rip off international calling cards, Rebtel’s commitment to the lowest rates possible to call Ethiopia, their superb call quality and a simple, effective and honest international calling system, is a refreshing change. Furthermore, it seems likely that the current base of Rebtel users who call Ethiopia regularly from the US will continue to grow still further and may yet be joined by a great many new Rebtel users from across the globe.

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