Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ethiopian Coffee export to Japan gradually improving again

Addressing the Second round Coffee sanitary workshop here on Tuesday, Animals and plant quality and health Directorate with the Ministry, Dr. Berehe Gebre-Egziabher said with mutual efforts of the Japanese and Ethiopian sides, Ethiopia's coffee export is gradually improving.

Dr. Berehe said the annual export volume has plunged to less than 1,000 tons in 2008/9 from 29,460 tons in and 76,331 tones in2007/8 and 2005/6 respectively.

The export had decreased because the Japanese reported a detection of pesticide contaminated shipments beyond the standard limits of Japan, he said.

Dr. Berehe said the Japanese pesticide residue tolerances are about 100 times stricter than those under US and EU laws.
He said now days the coffee export to Japan increased to 6,133 tons in 11 months in 2010 from 944 tons.
Dr. Berehe attributed success to he government’s corrective measures.

Strengthening of regulator, formulation of policy on registration and control of pesticides, restriction of reusing jute bags for coffee, and enhancing new jute, are among the measures taken, he said.

Dr. Berehe said establishing a standardized referral ‘Agricultural products’ quality Monitoring and testing laboratory, preparation and distribution of quality production manual to the producers and establishment of Ethio-Japan coffee taskforce are among the major factors that helped increase coffee export volume.

Ethiopia is a supplier of coffee to the world and Mocha- Coffee to Japan.
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