Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ethiopia stands resolute for effective implementation of CFA on the Nile basin initiative

Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia Mr.Seyoum Mesfin said Ethiopia will strenuously work for the effective implementation of Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) of Nile Basin Initiative (NBI).
Seyoum held discussion with his Egyptian counterpart Dr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Wednesday on the issue.

In a joint press briefing they gave after their discussion Seyoum said the negotiation of NBI has been taking place in the last ten years in a good faith by all riparian countries.
“This is a work in progress and we are hoping that we would continue negotiation to bridge the gap that exists in different capitals. … because it is possible to achieve a win-win scenario” he said.
Seyoum noted that bringing all the riparian counties are possible as the negotiation aims to avoid unfair benefits for few riparian countries and to ensure mutual benefits from the resource.

Ethiopia will continue negotiation with the riparian countries to use the water resource reasonably for development, he said.
He said no one would be left disadvantageous as all the riparian countries want to use the resource in a reasonable manner as they want get advantage and development.
In fact, Seyoum said some countries have different stands on the CFA but the negotiation will continue for common benefits and concerns of the riparian countries.
“All the people in the riparian countries share civilization, culture, people, even beyond that destiny and future. Let’s capitalize on that” Seyoum noted.
The Egyptian Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed on his part said his discussion with Seyoum centered on as to how ensure win-win situation on Nile River.

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