Monday, May 29, 2006

Over 22, 000 ha. To Be Covered with Seed

Ethiopian Herald -- The Gambella State Agriculture and Rural Development Coordination bureau said that it has plans to cover over 22,000 hectares with various seeds in the coming agricultural season.

Head of the bureau Engineer Ulero Opio told ENA that the volume of land that would be developed this year exceeds that of last year same period by 4,487 hectares, adding over 240,000 quintals of products is expected to be collected.

Currently the preparation of land gets underway.

Ulero said over 450 quintals of select seed of maize, sorghum, sesame, ground nut and rice is being distributed to 5,300 farmers who participate in the programme.

The head said over 189,500 quintals of products had been collected from 18,228 of land developed last year.

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