Friday, April 21, 2006

Get On the Bus to NYC for Human Rights with Amnesty International!

2:30-3:00 pm

Demonstration # 2 at the Ethiopian Mission to the U N
Map of 866 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10017-2905, US

Subject: the widespread arbitrary detention, ‘disappearances' and use of excessive force by police and soldiers against anyone suspected of supporting opposition groups and the prosecution of 131 people, including 40 opposition party leaders and supporters, 10 newly-elected members of parliament, 3 prominent human rights defenders, 15 independent journalists, 30 Ethiopian expatriates (including 5 journalists from Voice of America) and many members of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy for high treason and genocide, which could lead to death sentences for those convicted.

Amnesty International

Free All Prisoners of Conscience
Free Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam
Respect Freedom of Expression and Association
Freedom of speech and association for Ethiopia!
Protect the human rights of all Ethiopians
Freedom of speech and association are human rights

Names of Ethiopian prisoners of conscience
Dr. Berhanu Negga, Professor of Economics
Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, a former prosecutor in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Daniel Bekelle, lawyer and policy manager of ActionAid Ethiopia
Netsanet Demissie, environmental and human rights lawyer, chair, Organization for Social Justice in Ethiopia
Kassahun Kebede, Ethiopian Teachers Association
Berhane Moges
Frezer Negash
Hailu Shawel
Bitukan Mideksa
Getachew Mengiste
Gizachew Shifferaw
Dr. Hailu Araya
Debebe Eshetu
Muluneh Eyual
Daniel Bekele
Natsanet Demissie
Dr. Befekadu Degefe
Abraham Roda, farmer
Abraham Tula, former Sidama Development Corporation (NGO)
Abure Assefa, civil servant
Dessalegne Gassamo, USAID educational advisor
Edasso Ebissa, farmer
Musse Alemayehu, civil servant
Tadesse Washo, nurse
Tefera Janba, Awassa Tabour school student
Yosef Lalimo, Awassa Tabour school student
Kifle Tigeneh, aged 67, elected member of parliament
Solomon Aregawi, age 20, journalist
Admassu Abebe, age 50
Getachew Kebede, age 58, elected member of Addis Ababa City Council, army captain
Kifle Mekonnen, age 60, elected member of Addis Ababa City Council
Solomon Demissie, age 70, elected member of Addis Ababa City Council
Molla Alemayehu, age 56
Mulunesh Mammo, age 39
Natnael Mekonnen, age 28
Wassihun Alemu, age 60

Source: getonthebustonyc.blogspot.com

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