Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First Biotech Institute in Ethiopia


Checkbiotech.org -- The first biotechnology institute in Ethiopia, Africa is currently being constructed. Made possible through a World Bank loan, the research complex will do research on both crops and animals. Aside from research laboratories, the institute will also house offices, staff living quarters, and guest houses.

Yohannes Gojjam, Manager of the Holeta Agricultural Research Center, said that the research complex will be operational next year. Meanwhile, senior research personnel have completed intensive training and foreign experts are expected to provide assistance when the buildings are ready for use.

Additional details may be obtained by emailing Dr. Tilahun Zeweldu, regional coordinator of the Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II East and Central Africa Advisor, Uganda at either tila@apepuganda.org or zeweldu@msu.edu.

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