Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bono Convinced Where The Streets Have No Name Is His Best

Contactmusic.com -- U2 star BONO is convinced he'll never write a better lyric than WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME, which he scribbled on the backs of sick bags during a life-changing journey to Ethiopia.

The Irish rocker claims he came close to God during the post-Live Aid trip to Ethiopia, where he and his wife ALI HEWSON witnessed the devastation of the poverty-stricken African nation.

He recalls, "We lived in a little tent. The camp was surrounded by barbed wire. Woke up in the mornings as the mist lifted, and watched thousands of Africans, who had walked all night with the little belongings they had, coming towards us to beg for food and their life.

"We saw the everyday despair. People would leave their children in rags, some would be alive, some wouldn't. For a couple of kids from the suburbs, it was a very overwhelming experience."

And the experience left him so inspired he was compelled to write on all available surfaces.

He adds, "I wrote those things on Air India sick bags and scraps of paper, sitting in a little tent in a town called Ajibar in northern Ethiopia."

"No matter how c**p a U2 show gets, we can be sure the gig will come off if we play this song."

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