Thursday, July 21, 2005

Old Ottoman Maps Useful Today

Middle East Times -- Asian and African nations formerly part of the Ottoman Empire are using Ottoman archival resources to resolve territorial disputes.

Zaman news agency reported that Turkey is compiling new collections of documents to assist the requests.

Libya recently requested the General Directorate of State Archives supply a copy of its 1910 treaty with Tunisia, which delineated their common borders.

Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ethiopia and Eritrea have also requested documents that could assist in resolving border conflicts.

Sudan requested fifteenth-century Ottoman archival documents, as their own archives in Khartoum did not contain anything from that period.

Jordan, Egypt and Russia are also requesting Ottoman archival documents.

The director general of Turkey's state archives, Yusuf Sarinay, said that 30 countries were once incorporated into the Ottoman Empire scattered across Asia, Africa and the Balkans. States requesting documents to reinterpret their history are sent CD or Xerox copies of the relevant items.

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