Saturday, July 02, 2005

Joy for Live Aid Girl

The Sun Online -- CAMPAIGNING Bob Geldof last night hugged the girl who has become a symbol of hope for Africa — and told her: “It’s very special you’ll be at Live 8.”

Birhan Woldu was the hunger-ravaged mite seen moments from death on the big screens at Bob’s original Live Aid concert at Wembley 20 years ago.

Today she is a 24-year-old agriculture student, saved by the huge aid effort the gig sparked.

The Sun flew her 3,700 miles from her village in Ethiopia for today’s show. She said: “I had only heard of Madonna. But I have been watching TV in my hotel and am looking forward to seeing all the stars.”

Birhan gave Bob a present of coffee beans from her homeland. She said: “When someone comes to your house in Ethiopia you offer them coffee as a warm welcome. I wanted to remind him of my country and make him happy.”

he said she hoped Live 8 would pressure world leaders to drop trade barriers and added: “Ethiopian coffee is delicious but farmers in my country find it difficult to sell abroad because of trade rules.”

Sir Bob, 53, said: “Birhan is proof we can make a difference."

United in hope ... Bob Geldof and Birhan WolduSaved ... satarving Birhan
United in hope ... Bob and Birhan (left); Saved ... starving Birhan

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