Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ethiopia to Discuss Historic Obelisk Re-erection with UNESCO

People's Daily -- An Ethiopian delegation left for France on Wednesday to discuss ways of re-erecting the historic Axum obelisk with the United Nations.

The Axum obelisk, weighing 160 tons and standing 24 meters high, is around 1,700 years old and has become a symbol of the Ethiopian people's identity. In 1937, the invaders of fascist Italy dismantled and took it on the orders of Benito Mussolini. Italy returned the monument to the northern ancient town of Axum in April.

The delegation, led by Minister of Culture Teshome Toga, left for the headquarters of UNESCO to discuss studies conducted by Ethiopia and the organization concerning the re-erection of the obelisk as well as to set a timeframe for the re-erection.

He said the delegation will return with a specific timetable for the archeological studies and other necessary preparations.

"The re-erection of the obelisk should be done safely," he said, adding that Ethiopia has been jointly working with UNESCO on the re-erection site.

In addition to efforts exerted for the return of its heritage, Ethiopia has conducted archeological, basement studies as well as other preparations needed for the re-erection of the obelisk, according to the minister.

Teshome said the government believes that it would be useful to engage the company that transported the obelisk from Rome and the consultant company in the re-erection process.

He said the Italian government will cover the cost needed for the re-erection of the obelisk.

Following the signing of two agreements by Italy and Ethiopia, in 1956 and 1997, Ethiopia formed a national committee for the return of the obelisk.

Ethiopia is one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world. The first known civilization in Ethiopia was that of the mighty Aksumite Kingdom.

Having established itself in 1,000 BC, in northern Ethiopia, it eventually spread over all of northern and even central Ethiopia. The ancient city of Axum, which was started by the Aksumites, was Ethiopia's first capital city.

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T. Minilik said...

Aksum was indeed a great civilization, but it was NOT the first civilization. You have forgotten about the entire Aram Dynasty whose namesake, King Aram the grandson of Adam and son of Seth, was our first monarch who rose to power in 4462 BC and died in 4396 BC, and therer were 21 monarchs in the Aram Dynasty, the last of which was Solimon Tehagui who died with all of the rest in the Great flood in 4236 BC and the land was vacant for many decades until the Kushawi repopulated it and formed the Kam Dynasty after Emperor Kam who rose to power in 2705 BC and his dynasty had 25 monarchs until the rise of the Agdazyan Dynasty in 1902 BC under Akbunus Saba II and the Agdazyan Dynasty had 52 monarchs, the last of which was Empress Makeda who was from Saba, she was one of the Wives of King Solomon of Israel and she was the mother of Minilik the Great, who was the founder of the Solomonic Dynasty and the first Bete Yahuda to be Emperor over the Empire of Aksum when he rose to power in 976 BC and his Dynasty reigned until the assasination of Empress Zewditu, the last true monarch of Abyssinia, for Haile Selassie, her regent, was illegitimately coronated now that we know that he ascended to the throne unlawfully because it was facilitated by the assasinations of Emperor Minilik II who died by arsenic poisoning and finally the assasination of Emporess Zewditu who died by insulin overdose poisoning both carried out by agents of Abune Matewos because Minilik II refused to honor the orthodox church's prohibition against remarriage after one has divorced twice and he married and divorced a third time and them married his 4th wife Queen Taitu and he would not abdicate the throne as Abune Matewos wanted, therefore Minilik II was assasinated, his grandson and heir apparant Eyasu V was character -assasinated and exiled and his next heir apparant, his daughter Zewdito, former wife of Emperor Yohannes, was also assasinated in order to eliminate all heirs of Minilik II from claiming the crown and thus enabling Abune Matewos scheme to give the crown to the Tafari Makonnen illgitimately and unlawfully because he ascended via said assasinations, which is a case of what legal terminology calls "the fruit of the poisonous tree" doctrine. That is part of the reason why Haile Selassie changed the name of the nation from AbeshiƱa to "Ethiopia" the European-created name derived from the Alexandrian greek racial perjorative "Aethi-opia" or "The Land of burnt-faces" the Koina greek way of calling us "land-of-the-darkies". That alone is reason enough to change the name of the nation back to AbeshiƱa!

Terusew Teruabbat Daniel Sahle Maryam Minilik,
Historian and the current rasnebiyu of Bete Yahuda/Bete Israel (of the majority Masihawi sect).