Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Egyptian Experts Take Part in Building Three Dams to Generate Electricity in Ethiopia

Arabic News.com -- A group of experts of Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and National Centre for Water Research have completed drawing up engineering designs for a number of dams to generate electricity in Ethiopia.

In his exclusive statements to Al-Ahram daily, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mahmoud Abu- Zeid said that Ethiopian government has benefited from the experience of a group of Egyptian experts to extend Basin of Washa river, one of the main rivers out of the Nile Basin, to build three dams for developing water resources and generating electricity in Ethiopia.

The Egyptian-Ethiopian close cooperation comes within Egypt's government's keenness to activate cooperation with Nile Basin countries in several domains, added Abu -Zeid.

The bilateral cooperation between the two countries includes holding training courses in the regional training center in the ministry for a number of Ethiopian trainees, asserted Abu- Zeid.

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The Water & Power Consultancy Services (India) Ltd has secured four projects in Ethiopia. D. Dutta, CMD, WAPCOS, signed agreements in Ethiopia for the feasibility study and detail design of Kesem Dam and Tendaho Dam. Agreements were also signed for EIA study of Koga Irrigation and Watershed Management project and extension of services for Wabi Shebelle River Basin Master Plan study.
-- projectmonitor.com, sept 2004

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