Monday, July 25, 2005

A Disgraceful Brawl in Ethiopian Embassy

Ethiomedia.com -- On Friday July 22, 2005, Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, DC was swamped by the State Department secret service officials because of a brawl that was started by one of the embassy's security guards named Solomon Tadesse. Solomon battered and beat an Ethiopian artist, who was set to exhibit his art works in the embassy's compound on Monday, July 25, 2005. According to eye witnesses, many art works of the artist were destroyed and ripped by this particular security guard.

The reason for the artist's assault was his art works mock and make fun of EPRDF fighters and the government. However, the embassy itself gave a green light to the artist few weeks ago to exhibit his art works in the embassy's compound. Many distinguished guests and the representative of DC mayor Anthony Williams were invited at the exhibition that was due to open on Monday July 25th.

After Solomon slapped and assault the artist, the state department secret service officials came to the embassy and demanded to see him and take the appropriate action. However, the embassy hid Solomon in one of the offices, and was very reluctant to let the secret service agents to talk to him. At the end, by the firm insistence of the secret service officials, Solomon came out from the office, where he was hidden and gave his account of the situation through an interpreter.

The embassy canceled the exhibition, and the artist was forced to present his art work elsewhere. However, the artist may have a plan to show to his invited high profile guests the art works that were ripped and destroyed by the employee of the embassy, Solomon Tadesse. This situation exposes the Ethiopian government, that tells the world that it has a policy of respecting people's rights of self-_expression.

Ethiopians around the world should encourage the artist to use all legal means at his disposal to have the Ethiopian government and Ethiopian embassy pay damages for the destroyed works of art and the thuggish behavior of the guard.

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