Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Is Ethiopia Another Ukraine?

ethiomedia.com -- Despite the continued massacre and continued oppression, the British and the U.S. governments remain unfettered about the plight of Ethiopia’s 72 million people.

Election fraud, brutality, complete denial of basic human rights continues unabated in Ethiopia, while the world goes on its own business.

The Ethiopian and the African people have hope that some day, some leaders of the Western world who are eager to criticize dictators like Sadam Hussein will speak up and call a spade a spade whether that dictator is friend or foe.

Afraid of the Ukraine Scenario: It appears Meles was afraid of the Ukraine scenario after he decided to rig the election and preemptively announces victory before even the votes were counted in.

In Ukraine, the former Communist holdover like Meles lost the election, but announced victory anyway and refused to give up power. Like in Ethiopia, when the people of Ukraine realized what happened, they went to parliament square and demanded a new reelection or a recount. Because of pressure within and without, including a strong statement from the U.S. the ruling Communist junta complied and was forced to relinquish power.

Unfortunately, the unreformed Ethiopian Communist dictator who still owns all the land and major industries learned from Ukraine and banned any public protest of his criminal act and engaged in massacre using his private militia when some university students decided to peacefully assemble inside university campuses.

According to reliable sources, the ruling junta was rejected by 80% of the urban population and 90% of the rural population. That is why it has declared state of emergency and killed students and their parents who disobeyed a ban on peaceful public assembly. Meles wants to rule Ethiopia by force, as he did in the past despite the fact that the people have spoken against him. (Continued)

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