Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hidden Fascism Unmasked After 14 Years

Leaflets typed in Amharic were distributed in Addis Ababa on Wednesday, reportedly calling for residents to hunt down Tigrinya-speaking fellow Ethiopians. The leaflets are distributed as if they were from Kinijit or Hibret opposition supporters. The authors are none other than Meles Zenawi and Bereket Simon.

Alert Ethiopians about the sinister motives of the prime minister, and his propaganda chief, who in reverse have accused the opposition of planning to plunge Ethiopia into a Rwanda-like carnage. Meles and Bereket are the masterminds of the grand design to win the support they lost from the Tigrai people, and use them against their own fellow Ethiopians.

This is uniquely evil in our history, which deserves our united force to deny them any chance to do a lasting harm to our people and country. In its morbid desire to crush and destroy the democratic movement, the regime which was squarely discarded by the Ethiopian people as "unwanted" is looking for "excuses" that would eventually lead to "sentencing" opposition leaders to longer prison terms. This would be possible if the regime finds little or no resistance. In addition to the ethnic mayhem the officials plan to unleash, Meles and his functionaries are ordering for destruction of public property. Security forces who posed as protesting opposition supporters have burned city buses. It is up to every one of us Ethiopians to deny the criminals in power the chance to plunge our country into what they have been telling us all along.


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