Friday, June 03, 2005

Ethiopians Also Rally in Berlin, Atlanta

Ethiopians from throughout Germany traveled to Berlin today to appeal to the government of Germany and European Union to reject the May 15 election results in Ethiopia unless recounts or reelections are conducted in all contested areas.

Ethiopians in Atlanta held a protest rally today in front of the Carter Center. The demonstration has started at 9 am. CUD and UEDF representatives gave speeches. One of the organizers, Ato Dawit Kebede, said that hundreds of Ethiopians have gathered for the event despite the weather scare. Representatives of the protestors delivered a prepared statement to officials of the Carter Center. The statement calls on former US President Jimmy Carter to be fair and objective about the May 15 elections in Ethiopia.


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Anonymous said...

Je suis à la recherche de M. Ato Kébédé ou de quelqu'un de sa famille. J'ai eu un très bon ami qui portait ce nom et était directeur du Ras Hotel à Harar en...1963.
rolland TARDY