Saturday, June 11, 2005

CUD Officials and Members from Gondar Arrested

Several CUD officials and members in Gondar have been arrested today. EPRDF troops are hunting down all CUD officials and candidates through out the Gondar region. Head of the CUD in Gondar, Ato Leul, is appealing to Ethiopians abroad to create worldwide awareness for their plight.

On Friday, heavily armed troops savagely beat students at the Fasilides High School. All schools in Gondar are now closed. The brutal actions by EPRDF in Gondar is intensifying .

The people of Gondar continue to face vicious attacks by Meles Zenawi's special forces. The youth in Gondar and CUD members are the primary targets. They are being shot at and savagely beaten. They are also being rounded up and tortured.


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