Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To All Ethiopians All Over North America

Why: Rally in Support of Ethiopian People and Ethiopia's Opposition Groups
Where: Washington DC in front of the US State Department
Date: Thursday, May 26 2005
Time: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

2005 Ethiopian Election Committee, Washington, DC

The nearest metro station to the State Department is Foggy Bottom
George Washington University
22nd and C st NW

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Anonymous said...

To all Ethiopians in Diaspora, specially for those who are in Germany!
It`s obvious that there are over 6000 Ethiopians in Germany, but most of us are relly concerned only how to get money or how to get 250-500 square meter of land from this tyrranic goverment of Meles Zenawi, we have forgotten that our Nation is in dangour, we are backing every day our bread, we are hesitating even to condem the ethnics policies, rather we do condem Ethiopiawinet. We have all forgotten what this goverment did or still doing concerning our people as a Nation. Please all of you stand up and fight for freedom, democracy and for the future Ethiopia, unless we start to day tomorrow it will be too late and we stay here like a slave(cleaning toilltes, working in fabriks as a kuli having a PhD, MD, Msc etc). Don`t forget to die with dignity is better than to advertise the ethnic policies of meles zenawi.