Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Iran Embassy Calls on Political Parties to Accept Voting Result Graciously

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Addis Ababa has advised all political parties that contested in the third national election in Ethiopia to accept the result of voting whatever it may be. "They should refrain from any kind of violence and insecurity in the country."

Embassy First Secretary Mohammed Javad Hosseini told ENA on Tuesday that "Mutiny and violent actions will not solve any problem but will add more distress to the existing problem of the country.

"Ethiopia is a country, which needs security in order to avoid any sort of hindrances in the steps it has taken towards progress and development.

"Actually taking the uncivilized way will only cause the destruction of economic and political achievements that have been attained with all efforts during the recent years. For instance such bitter events can be seen in many African countries still trapped in civil war and tribal conflicts.

"Therefore it is advised that should there be any kind of unsatisfaction in the election result, it should be followed through democratic channel so as to maintain peace in Ethiopia and to protect the blooming democracy and prevent autocracy and violence.

According to Hosseini the Ethiopian National Election showed that "even poor countries can have democratic governments that can prepare the ground for relentless efforts to combat poverty and attain a good level of political and economic development".

Ethiopian News Agency

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