Wednesday, May 25, 2005

EU Observers Say Ethiopia's Electoral Board Has Lost Control of Vote Counting

Ethiopia's electoral board appears to have lost control of the vote counting for the May 15 legislative polls, European Union election observers said in a report obtained by the Associated Press Wednesday.

The confidential report said the EU might have to make a public denunciation of developments to distance itself from "the lack of transparency, and assumed rigging" of the vote.

"Ten days after the polling day, the situation is of political uncertainty and informational chaos regarding the results of the election," said the confidential report.

"The National Electoral Board does not seem to be in control of the counting operation by the constituency electoral committees and limits itself to passively receive the reports from a limited number of constituencies."

But electoral board spokesman Getahun Amogne said: "We have electoral officers in each constituency and they are responsible for that. We are in control."


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