Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ethiopian Opposition Criticizes Sheikh Al-Amoudi's Campaign

Mohammed Al Amoudi (center), Ethiopia's richest man, arriving at Axum airport to look at the obelisk (Photo: Andrew Heavens)

Reacting to Sheikh Mohamed al-Amoudi's campaign speech during a ceremony to lay a foundation stone for St George's stadium, Dr Beyene Petros, the deputy chairman of the Ethiopian United Democratic Forces (EUDF), has said "he needs Sheikh Mohamed's investment. However, there must be somebody misleading him. It would have been better for him if he had played a neutral role."

Lidetu Ayalew, head of public relations of the Coalition for unity and Democracy (CUD), on his part said "Sheikh Al-Amoudi has opened employment opportunities to many Ethiopians. The respect we have for him is great. However, I could not believe my eyes when I saw him on TV campaigning for the ruling coalition at a sport function. I want to hear from him if he really did that believing on what he was campaigning for. Even on legal grounds it was not proper for him to campaign in a sport function and where people with different political views are present."

Regarding the V sign, Lidetu said "even though they look alike, their sign is for sport while ours is a political sign, so they do not have any connection at all. St George's sign is the letter V, while ours is a two finger sign".

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