Saturday, May 21, 2005

Diplomats Appeal For Calm as Ethiopia Election Returns Come In

Western diplomats have appealed for calm in Ethiopia, as election results slowly come in from Sunday's parliamentary poll.

Ambassadors from 21 nations urged the ruling and opposition parties in a statement published in Ethiopian newspapers Saturday to be patient and respect the authority of the national election board.

Both sides have claimed victory in the elections, even though a final vote tally is not expected until June 8.

The main opposition coalition, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy has also demanded new votes or ballot recounts in 84 districts, where it says the ruling party has tampered with the vote.

The National Election Board has so far released results from only 40 out of 547 districts. The opposition won 29 of those seats, mostly in the capital, where it was expected to have a strong showing.

VOA News

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