Thursday, May 26, 2005

15,000 Protesting Ethiopians in Washington, DC Call on US Help

Leaders of an estimated 15,000 protesting Ethiopians met with United States State Department officials on Thursday over Ethiopian government actions designed to reverse outcome of elections held on May 15 in the African nation.

Described as the largest Ethiopian political gathering ever, the protest rally, which raised about $100,000 in aid of the struggling opposition parties, was jointly organized by supporters of Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) and the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF), two major opposition parties whose huge election gains have attracted state-sponsored arrests, intimidations and killings throughout the country.

On Wednesday, the European Union (EU) declared in a statement that it may "have to make a public denunciation of developments to distance itself from 'the lack of transparency, and assumed rigging' of the vote." The EU also said the national electoral board has lost control of vote counting.

Meanwhile, Addis Ababa University students, who have voted overwhelmingly for the opposition throughout the country, have declared a one-day hunger strike on May 28 as a show of solidarity with the Ethiopian people as opposed to the ruling regime which stands accused of massive fraud. Since coming to power on May 28, 1991, the ruling regime has faced ever-growing opposition from the people, and the recent outcome of the May 15 elections stands out as a phenomenal symbol of popular response to the ruling party's morbid move to cling to power by any means possible.



Anonymous said...

I have seen the demo organised by anti EPRDF forces in US, its sad to see ethiopians dieying here and there as a result of the dying related to the election results. But we some times dont need to act as idiots, the government has to act to put things in order before it goes out of control.can you imagine what would have happened if the government allowed the demonstrators the way they behaved, is that the way to oppose governments, this is what makes me gain confidence in the rulling EPRDF, as a politicians they have the expertise to see things inadvance and act.

This is a government which introduced democratisation process in the country and needs to take credit for what its presently doing.We all feel sad to see our brothers being killed by another brother, but politicians especially those in The opposition, are using the trajedy as part of a sacrifice to achieve an end and trying to blame the government for every thing.

In the prenence of conflicts ,they need to wake up and sort their differences using appropriate legal and diplomatic ways. the 15 year of slogan"yilelal zendro ye weyane Nuro" plays no significance in the present day ethiopia. democracy is all about tolerance and respect towards each other, in the same context "ye kinijit nuro yileyal zendro" doesnt work as well.Its now time to think and act, those who think the only way to get rid of the EPRDF using violence need to think, there is also a possibility of being burnt while playing in fire.There is now some tendency by the opposition to stir ethnic hatred among ethiopians, we are all brothers who have been living together and intermarried, the opposition should consider their acts before it burns them like wild fire, The EPRDF is a legitimate organisation and has right to play its part in ethiopian politics and will remain to be a crucial force for the years to come. Its really a shame on the opposition to see them organising demos and rallys infront of foreign embassies and countries. the EPRDF's attempt to introduce proper governance and democracy in the country is not to please western powers, its some thing which comes from with in. there is a frim beliefe by the government, that we can all live in peace and enjoy economic prosperity by working together and having tolerance.

Anonymous said...

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