Monday, April 18, 2005

Veterans Want Skulls of Heroes Returned

Ethiopian veterans demanded Sunday that Rome return heads severed from their fallen heroes by fascist Italian invaders in the 1930s, saying the expected return of an obelisk this week was not enough.

Ethiopian and Italian officials in the northern Ethiopian city of Axum say the first part of the obelisk, plundered nearly 70 years ago, is due to be flown back to the city in a giant cargo plane Tuesday after repeated delays.

"We welcome the belated return of the Axum obelisk, but the present Italian government must return the skull of Hailu Kebede and of others which Italian fascist forces brutally severed from their dead bodies and displayed in Italian military museums in Rome," Workineh Tegegne, vice president of the Ethiopian Patriotic Association of guerrillas, told Reuters.

"The return of the obelisk is a historic occasion because it heralds the final defeat of fascism and its relegation to the dustbin of history," he said.


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