Thursday, March 03, 2005

Turkey Will Contribute To The Economic Development Of Ethiopia

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that Turkey will strongly contribute to the economic development of Ethiopia in the upcoming months and years...

Erdogan added that both Turks and Ethiopians wish to cooperate in the areas of textiles, industrial products, defense matters and energy related sectors. ''Turkey will send engineers to Ethiopia to assist Ethiopians in building dams across the country. As water is becoming more and more important in international relations, we want to help our Ethiopian friends utilize their precious water resources effectively and in a planned way,'' said Erdogan.


The Destruction of the Blue Niles Falls

The Ethiopian government said on Monday it has cleared 16 million square meters of land from landmines since 2002....

March 1 is celebrated internationally since the ratification in 1997 of the Landmine Ban Treaty in Ottawa, Canada. Ethiopia has ratified the Landmine Ban Treaty in November 2004.

Ethiopia has turned to the Internet to help sell its finest beans, the agriculture ministry said on Tuesday. In the first move of its kind in the country, the ministry is to start auctioning nine of its best quality coffee brands to help boost sales and reach a wider audience, officials added.

Upcoming Election
As democratic currents flow through the nearby Middle East, Ethiopia is trying to overcome its own hurdles as a nascent democracy.

A major Human Rights Watch report issued in January charged the Ethiopian government with continuing to "deny many of its citizens' basic human rights."

According to Human Rights Watch, "The continuous intolerance of dissent on the part of many officials raises serious concerns as to whether opposition candidates will be able to contest [the May 15] poll in an environment free of fear."

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