Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Montrealer Sues Hospital Over Kidney Transplant

A Montreal man says his will to live is driving his lawsuit against a hospital that has refused to perform a kidney transplant on him.

"I want to save my life, I want to live, like everybody,'' Baruch Tegegne, 61, told a news conference Tuesday.

Tegegne has been waiting more than a year for a transplant. found a kidney donor, but the donor was found in India using a website called matchingdonors.com.

However, the Royal Victoria Hospital is concerned that money might change hands and that the potential donor isn't a family member.

Michael Bergman, Tegegne's lawyer, launched legal action on Tuesday to force the hospital to conduct compatibility tests on Shree Dhar, the 30-year-old donor, and if he is a suitable match, to perform the transplant.

Tegegne's kidneys are in such bad shape he must undergo four dialysis treatments per week.

While he has seven brothers, the ailing man says they aren't healthy enough themselves to help him.

The Ethiopia-born Tegegne was overjoyed when Dhar stepped forward.


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