Friday, March 25, 2005

Meles Zenawi Endorses China's Anti-Secession Law

Meles Zenawi's parliament has now endorsed the People's Republic of China's anti-secession law on Taiwan. How come? The foundation of the Ethiopian constitution, to be more exact, the Meles Zenawi constitution, is based on what the prime minister has been saying is the universal right of "nations and nationalities to self-determination up to secession." Meles fought for Eritrean independence based on what is now Article 39 of the constitution, or it is said so. Those who opposed Meles were put to death. Period. (If there are lingering doubts, consult the History Book of TPLF authored by none other than Meles himself). What does endorsing China's anti-secession law mean vis-a-vis Meles Zenawi?


Article 39 The Right of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples:

1. Every nation, nationality or people in Ethiopia shall have the unrestricted right to self determination up to secession.

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