Friday, March 25, 2005

Government to Start Irrigation Project On 200,000 Hectares of Land

The Ethiopian government has announced plans to undertake irrigation projects on 200,000 hectares of land as part of the country's food security program.

The announcement was made yesterday during the second day of marking this year's 'Water Day'. Ato Shiferaw Jarso, Minister of Water Resources said that the full development of 97,000 hectares of irrigation project was well underway in the Awash and Koqa basins.

The 90,000 hectares of the total irrigation project is in construction in Awash while the 7,000 hectares is in Koqa...

Ethiopia is endowed with the potential of huge water resource, with 122 billion m3 annual surfaces runoff and 2.9 billion m3 of ground water.

However, the country's water resource has contributed little to the country's socio-economic development where the average access to clean and safe water supply stands at 34 percent, which is said to be very low even by Sub Sahara African countries standards.


UNICEF:: Majority in Ethiopia lack access to clean water

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