Monday, January 17, 2005

A Marshall Plan for Africa

So British finance minister Gordon Brown tour of Africa last week was something of an epiphany. After years preaching Third World aid and co-ordinated debt forgiveness, he had never set foot on the continent he now seeks to save.

Last week he met the young and the dying, putting a face to the political ideals he has been developing for years. His tour highlighted twin tragedies: Africa is getting poorer by the day and his plan will not help.

Brown arrived in Kenya last Tuesday with the wind of public opinion behind his mission: to use Britain’s presidency of the G8 to persuade nations to double development aid to $100bn and transform Africa.

Good intentions, but what good is it to dump money into Africa's lap when "democratically elected" leaders are corrupt and don't have an interest in the people?

The Chancellor, a CAP critic - should have known that his time would be better spent in Brussels, lobbying to abolish the CAP.

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