Sunday, January 02, 2005

Grand Demonstration to Extend from Addis to Toronto

The grand demonstration extends from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Sunday January 2, 2005 at Meskel Square and will go on in some Canadian and American cities, including Washington D.C, and Toronto, other than the greatly expected Los Angeles city concurrent with the Addis Ababa March. The committee urges all Ethiopians in Los Angeles, Washington D.C and Toronto to actively participate in the demonstration and show their concern and confirm that they will not simply sit and see when their beloved country is adversely affected.

It is to be recalled that PM Meles Zenawi's government has reconsidered its objections of the decision of the Hague on Ethio-Eritrea border and called for negotiation that is likely to give up its claim on Badme. It also promised to award the Sudan with a chunk of land cut from the Ethiopian side of Humara at the north West Ethio-Sudan border.

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Here's the deal... On January 2, more than 100,000 protesters demonstrated in Addis Ababa against PM Zenawi's current peace talks with Eritrea. Over 70,000 Ethiopians fought and died during the "Badme" border war. In November 2004, Zenawi conceded to the Hague's border decision which gives the "disputed" land to Eritrea. Who's side is PM Zenawi on?

There's an upcoming election in May 2005... Will he win?

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If he wins the election, Ethiopia will lose all the
history, as it is you know where Lucy is????