Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Concert to Celebrate Bob Marley's 60th Birthday

Bob Marley's 60th birthday will be celebrated with a month-long programme of events in Addis Ababa's Meskel Square in February.

"Brother Bob sang music gonna teach them a lesson'," commented Rita Marley, the singer's widow and president of "Africa Unite".

"We plan to teach the world about the power of love, unity and hope through this proud celebration."

Ethiopia was chosen as the venue because it was the home of the late Emperor Haile Selassie, the spiritual leader of the Rastafarian faith to which Marley subscribed.

Partners in "Africa Unite" include UNICEF, the World Bank and the Africa Union, an umbrella organization of 53 states. The itinerary was unveiled by the Bob Marley Foundation and the Rita Marley Foundation, the two charitable organizations dedicated to furthering the singer's legacy. READ what's coming up...

Will Bob Marley's remains be exhumed and reburied in Ethiopia?

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Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up

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