Sunday, December 19, 2004

Oprah, Danny Glover and Brad Pitt Visit Ethiopia

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"I am going to speak to the Mayor and the Mayor's wife and see if we can build a great school for girls here in Addis Ababa..."
-- Oprah during her visit in Ethiopia to inaugurate an extension center to the Fistula Hospital.

LEARN more about Oprah's trip and her plans for the school.

"After talking to children I feel a sense of embarrassment and anger that my own country has not signed the landmine treaty..."
-- Danny Glover during his five-day visit to Ethiopia to highlight the horrific impact of anti-personnel mines (APMs). He further said that some one million landmines litter the country following years of internal conflict and fighting with neighboring Eritrea and Somalia.

LEARN more about Danny Glover's trip.

"I spent a wonderful week traveling this beautiful continent, listening to the people and learning about the AIDS crisis, the extreme poverty in which people live and how people in America can help by joining The ONE Campaign to fight global AIDS and poverty..."
-- Brad Pitt during his trip to Ethiopia, where he visited local projects fighting the spread of HIV. LEARN more about Brad Pitt's trip.

Brad Pitt at FHI- funded HAPCSO home - photo courtesy fhi.org

SLIDESHOW: Brad Pitt in South Africa and Ethiopia

UPDATE: Ethiopia is to begin free distribution of potentially lifesaving drugs next month for people living with HIV, US officials supporting the programme said on Thursday.

It will likely save 15,000 people this year. According to government plans, the number of people receiving the drugs will be expanded to 210,000 people within the next five years... LEARN more about the program.


Anonymous said...

After watching the Brad Pitt’s interview, I wanted to email him thank him for the work that he is doing to help my people in Ethiopia. I was heart broken to see the kind of condition that they were living in. I myself along with my brothers and sister was adopted from that same location. I thank God for bringing me here to America and for letting me have life. I hope someday I can go back and help my people. I am glad that a true American like Brad Pitt has decided to help these needy desperate people. I know he will be rewarded greatly for his work abundantly. I hope and pray that America’s eyes will be open and the American people will be open to help. Thank you Brad Pitt. I wish I could share my whole adoption with you but unfortunately I don’t see that happening. I hope you get this or whoever reads this will tell you how grateful I am for your willingness to help my people. Thank again and may God bless you for all your work. Sincerely, Genet 18

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