Thursday, December 30, 2004

Aid Group Accused of Denying Food

  • A fight has broken out in Ethiopia's Falasha community over the activities of an American Jewish aid group that some say runs a Mafia-like operation at its compounds in Addis Ababa and Gondar – where some 15,000 to 17,000 Falash Mura await permission to immigrate to Israel.
    More on the accusation. (Log in required)

    One wonders if these activities are true: Having embroidery operation in slave-labor-like conditions, threatening community members who speak out against the abuses and employing representatives who beat up people...

    Other Related News...

  • Two US congressmen have written to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon urging him to increase the rate of absorption of Ethiopians and criticizing the government for bringing only 300 each month... NY Reps. Nadler and Rangel mention their interest in discussing "how we might be of additional help in completing the ingathering of the Ethiopian Jewish community to our great ally, Israel."
    More on the absorption of Ethiopians.

    Who knew there was such an urgent need to bring this ancient community to Israel!

    CHECK out the New York Times's bizarre story on the Falasha's waiting to emigrate to Israel.

  • According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), among children born in Ethiopia, the proportion of those in special education was 4.9 percent, higher than that of other groups. According to the data, children born in Ethiopia, or whose parents were born in Ethiopia, suffered disproportionately from learning disabilities, borderline IQ, and slight retardation.
  • More on the study.

    What this study fails to
    mention is that these children have to face a language barrier, culture shock, racism and a loss of their own culture - among other things...


    Anonymous said...

    I want to know how the so called Jews people complain about descrimination and racism around the world (esp in the USA) when they are so good at it. I hope the good people of Ethiopa will teach these people a thing or two about hospitality.

    End racism.
    Rebecca Beasley

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