Monday, October 11, 2004

Are GM Crops the Answer to Food Shortages?

Of course, they're not, but officials from the United Nations argue the potential risks of biotechnology are outweighed by the benefits it could offer the continent.

Um, right...

Read why this Lady don't like GM food:

Ethiopians Urged to "Eat Rice"
FIND out why the UN and Japan launched a bid to encourage the impoverished nation to start growing a drought-resistant breed of rice called NERICA.

NERICA trials are expected to start in the northern Amhara region where some four million people are dependent on food aid each year, regardless of the weather.

What role has enset played in the agricultural policies of Ethiopia's recent and current governments?

More on the history of enset in Ethiopia.

Enset plants at the Areka Research Station, Boloso Sore.

photo courtesy oxfam.org


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